iTraq Butterfly Service Plan (One Month)

Your iTraq Butterfly comes with an initial 30 days of complimentary service. Extend your capabilities with this compatible plan for an additional 30 days of uninterrupted service. Continue tracking your assets without a break - whether it's location tracking or temperature monitoring. Simple activation makes extending your service a breeze.

$ 10.00

How it works

Activating your 1-Month Service Plan extension is straightforward. Upon purchase, you'll receive an activation code via email. Simply follow the email instructions to apply the code, and your iTraq Butterfly service will instantly be extended.

Is this plan for you?

  • Compatibility: Compatible with all iTraq Butterfly models including Butterfly ONE

  • Auto-Renewal: One-time extension; no auto-renewal

  • Customer Support: Need help? Contact us here.

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