Elevate Package Tracking through Device Leasing

Shipping high-value, irreplaceable, or unique items?

Traditional tracking services might not provide the level of security and data you require. iTraq Butterfly goes beyond standard tracking to offer you peace of mind and unmatched control over your shipments.

Core Features

  • Global, Real-Time Tracking: Track your package anywhere in the world, in real-time.

  • Fully Airline Compliant: Built to meet all airline safety standards.

  • Smart Sensors: Monitor temperature, light, and motion. Receive alerts for any changes during shipping.

  • Enhanced Loss Prevention: Leverage precise location data to quickly recover lost items.

Learn More About iTraq Butterfly

Interested in diving deeper into what makes iTraq Butterfly an exceptional tracking solution?

How Device Leasing Works for E-Commerce

Step 1: Stock Up

Sellers keep iTraq Butterfly devices in stock at their fulfillment centers. iTraq provides free pre-paid return envelopes for device collection after use.

Step 2: Customer Purchase

A customer purchases a high-value product on a seller's website.

Step 3: Choose Advanced Tracking

Customers can opt for the additional package tracking service for added peace of mind.

Step 4: Prepare the Shipment

The seller activates an iTraq Butterfly device and places it in the shipment, along with the pre-paid return envelope. Customers are notified on how to track their package.

Step 5: Real-Time Monitoring

Customers can monitor their package in near real-time on TrackMe.Online, with the option to activate additional device sensors and register for alerts.

Step 6: Return the Device

Upon receipt of the package, customers use the pre-paid envelope to return the Butterfly device to any USPS location.

Step 7: Device Refurbishing

iTraq's refurbishing team receives the device, preps it for future use, and keeps the cycle going!

Ready to Experience Unmatched Package Tracking?

Speak to an iTraq representative today to learn how you can offer this incredible service to your customers. Contact us at sales@itraq.com

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