Partner with iTraq

Elevate Your Logistics Services with Cutting-edge Tracking Technology

At iTraq, we're committed to revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals keep track of what matters most. Our global tracking solutions like the iTraq Butterfly and iTraq Leaf are pioneering innovations in the logistics industry. Partner with us to enhance your logistics services and offer your clients advanced tracking capabilities.

Why Partner with iTraq?

  • Technology Leadership: 

    Gain access to industry-leading tracking technology.

  • Expand Your Offerings: 

    Integrate iTraq solutions into your existing logistics services.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: 

    Offer your clients unparalleled visibility into their shipments.

Customizable Solutions for Partners

In addition to our standard offerings, we can tailor our technology to meet your specific needs

Custom Branding

Manufacture devices featuring your company's logo.

API Access

Integrate iTraq tracking data into your platform or your client's platforms using our API.

Branded Tracking Portal

Create a custom version of our Trackme.Online tracking portal to operate under your domain.

Ideal Partners

  • Logistics Companies

  • Supply Chain Solutions Providers

  • Ecommerce Platforms

  • Distribution Centers

  • Carrier Services

Get Started

Ready to transform your logistics services? Reach out to us for an exploratory discussion on how we can work together.

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