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"We architect both hardware and software of our IoT solutions; these solutions are advanced and easy-to-use as they are build according to the unique needs of the individual customer."

"iTraq determines its position using WiFi triangulation (for indoor tracking) as well as GPS and cellular tower triangulation that allows iTraq to be located anywhere in the world where cellular service exists. There's also scheduled reporting, and geo-fencing abilities. Battery life can also last up to four months depending on the settings you select."

"ITraq is a tracking device that can be used to track pretty much anything - from loved ones to luggage, this tracker pairs with an app on a smartphone to find anyone and anything. For seniors, the device includes a motion sensor and will send an alert if a motion is detected. It also has a temperature sensor. Their newest device, the iTraq Nano is marketed as the world's smallest all-in-one tracking device that has global tracking, two months battery life, is water and dust resistant is able to be charged wirelessly. The device also has an SOS button that will send an instant alert to friends and family, notifying them of their loved one's precise location."

"Tucking a small, inexpensive tracking device into a box can show you where your valuables end up. The different types of trackers have various limitations so you'll want to do your research. Tile and TrakR won't track an item on the move, but they will show you approximately where it ends up. Both take advantage of Bluetooth to indicate location, while iTraq uses cell towers to triangulate location."

"This GPS tracker can be used un a variety of situations, but shines as a tracker for family members. It can last for four months on a single charge, allow geofencing to alert users when the tracker has left a predetermined area, and show active motion of the tracker."

"iTraq checks and identifies position via WiFi triangulation indoors and GPS and cell tower triangulation to locate iTraq anywhere as long as cellular service is available. The company also offers geo-fencing capabilities, scheduled reporting, and motion detection. Battery life could also last for four months depending on some configurations. This personal tracking device for the elderly at its finest. Dementia and Alzheimer's patients will surely benefit from the product."

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