Monitor Goods Throughout Shipping Lifecycle

The iTraq Butterfly is a very small, powerful, yet low-cost tracking and monitoring solution designed to track all your shipments and high-value assets with ease and precision.

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2-in-1 Solution

1. Reusable tracking device with cutting-edge tracking technologies to provide precise location information, indoors and outdoors

2. Disposable cardboard case with integrated non-rechargeable battery that powers iTraq Butterfly while your shipment travels

  • Supports various schedules, ranging from real-time to once per week

  • Equipped with light, temperature & motion sensors

  • Can read and store sensors' data on various schedules

  • Performs up to 2,000 reports during the life of the battery

  • Can be reused in multiple shipments with the new battery case

  • Functions worldwide

  • IEC-compliant & Approved for air travel (RTCA/DO-160)

  • Can be configured and managed via iTraq API or dedicated web-site

How It Works

iTraq Butterfly includes a reusable tracker, a long-life battery, and a cardboard case that affixes to your package. 


To activate iTraq Butterfly, place the tracker into the cardboard case. The case has an integrated battery which powers the tracking device. 

Peel off the tape and attach to your shipment. For best results, place inside the package or container. 

Customize Sensors

Light - Get notified when light is detected inside the shipment. Enables you to monitor when package is opened or tampered with.

Temperature - Be alerted when temperature goes above or below your defined threshold, from -20C / -4F to 50C / 122F .

Motion - Know when your shipment is in transit with motion detection sensor.

Ship with Confidence

iTraq Butterfly uses WiFi, GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou satellite technology, and cellular triangulation to track and monitor your shipments worldwide. The 2-in-1 solution has no extra roaming fees or connectivity charges for the first 30 days of usage. 


For businesses sending shipments between multiple locations, iTraq Butterfly can be reused with a new cardboard box case.

Product Highlights

Reports accurate location from both outdoors and indoors. GPS + Cellular + WiFi + Bluetooth tracking technologies.

Battery has 10-year shelf life. No transportation restrictions, safe for public use & compliant with IEC safety standards. Performs up to 2,000 reports during life of device (lab tests at 22.5C / 72.5F).

Can be programmed to report location on various schedules, ranging from every 5 minutes to once per week.

Can be triggered to report when motion is detected.

Can automatically turn radio off/on when flight mode is detected.

Reports ambient temperature & can be triggered to report when temperature reaches a specified threshold.

Equipped with light sensor to monitor unauthorized access to shipment.

Can be configured and managed via iTraq Platform and/or API.

Airline Approvals

Contact our Sales Team at for the bulk purchase pricing or if you have any questions related to our products.

iTraq Butterfly Specifications 

General Specifications

Dimensions (battery case)

55 x 55 x 17.0 mm (2.16 x 2.16 x 0.67 in)

Weight (tracker & battery case)

52 g (1.83 oz)


3.0v, primary, LiMnO2, 3000 mAh

SIM Card

Mounted onboard (MMF2)

Operating temperature

-20C ~ +60C (-4F ~ 140F)


FCC, CE, UL 1642, RTCA DO-160G (FAA), UN 38.3, 

EN 60086-4


Motion/Impact Sensor

Yes (trigger & flight detection)

Temperature Sensor

Yes (report & trigger)

Light Sensor

Yes (report & trigger)

Barometer Sensor

Yes (report & flight detection)


Wi-Fi Triangulation

Yes (On/Off configurable)


Yes (On/Off configurable)

Base Station Triangulation / Cell-ID




LTE Cat M1 / NB1/ 2G fallback


v5.0 (configurable)


2.4 GHz (location only)

Power & Battery

Number of reports, max


Battery shelf life, max

10 years

Battery charging

Not supported (replaceable battery)


Housing (tracker)

Matte finish painted plastic

Dust / Water resistance (tracker)


Housing (battery case)


Contact our Sales Team at for the bulk purchase pricing or if you have any questions related to our products.

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