Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How does iTraq Butterfly work? Is it a real-time tracking device?

iTraq Butterfly operates based on a combination of a defined schedule and sensor-based triggers. You can customize the frequency of location reports using the Trackme.Online platform or API, with options ranging from every 5 minutes to just a few times a month. Additionally, the device can be awakened by sensor-based triggers, such as temperature changes, motion detection, light, or other specified conditions.

During its scheduled reporting times, iTraq Butterfly wakes up, sends its location, and goes back into a deep sleep state to conserve battery life. If sensor-based triggers are activated, the device will also wake up to send a report. Any changes to the reporting schedule or sensor settings can be "learned" by the device during its next scheduled wake-up time.

How do I activate the device?

To activate the device, remove the pull tab and attach the device to your shipment. We would also recommend configuring the reporting frequency, activating sensor-based triggers, and setting up alerts before pulling up the tab. This ensures that the device applies these settings during the activation process.

Where do I track the device and change the parameters?

You can track the device and modify its parameters through our Trackme.Online platform or API. Once you've logged in, you'll have access to real-time location reports, historical data, and customization options such as changing the reporting frequency and activating sensor-based triggers.

Where can I find the Tracking ID to log in to the Trackme.Online platform?

The Tracking ID is printed directly on the iTraq Butterfly device.

I've logged into Trackme.Online. How can I change the device parameters?

To change the device parameters, locate and click on the "Set Parameters" option within the Trackme.Online platform. You will be prompted to enter your access code for security verification. After entering the code, you can proceed to modify the settings as needed.

Where can I find my access code for changing device parameters?

Your access code can be found in the confirmation email you'll receive upon purchasing your iTraq Butterfly. It's also printed on the instruction leaflet included in the package when your device is shipped. If you've misplaced or forgotten the access code, you can retrieve it by contacting iTraq Support and providing your order number and the email address associated with the purchase. If you acquired your device through a distributor or a system integrator, please reach out to them directly for assistance.

Is the iTraq Butterfly designed to work internationally?

Yes, iTraq Butterfly is a truly global device approved for use across the world. It's approved for air travel by over 50 airlines, enabling seamless and compliant tracking on a global scale.

Device Specifications

What is the shelf life of iTraq Butterfly's battery?

The battery in iTraq Butterfly has a 10-year shelf life

How does the iTraq Butterfly comply with airline safety?

The device is approved for air travel and meets airline safety requirements. It has a unique feature where it automatically turns its radio off/on when flight mode is detected, ensuring uninterrupted tracking while being compliant with aviation rules.

Can the iTraq Butterfly report on ambient temperature?

Yes, the iTraq Butterfly comes equipped with a temperature monitoring feature. Not only will you receive notifications when the ambient temperature reaches a specified threshold, but the device can also maintain an independent temperature logging schedule. It can store temperature data in its internal memory and transmit this information during the nearest reporting cycle. For example, the device can log the temperature every minute but transmit that data only once an hour.

How does the light sensor enhance shipment security?

The integrated light sensor allows you to monitor unauthorized access to your shipments by sending notifications when light is detected inside the shipment.

How do I configure event-based alerts?

You can customize event-based alerts for various scenarios such as light detection, motion detection, temperature thresholds, and landing detection. This comprehensive monitoring enables you to be alerted when the package is opened (light detection), when it is in transit (motion detection), when temperature conditions are met or exceeded (temperature thresholds), and when a plane carrying your shipment lands (landing detection).

How can I reuse my iTraq Butterfly device?

The device can be reused by simply placing it into a new cardboard case. This offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for ongoing tracking needs.

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