Introducing iTraq Leaf™

The Evolution of Shipment Tracking

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Join the future of shipment tracking. Secure your iTraq Leaf™ now, and be among the first to receive it in Q4 2023*.

No fuss. No maintenance. Just effortless tracking.

In an era where timely and efficient tracking has become paramount, iTraq presents a groundbreaking solution tailored for the modern world. Say hello to the iTraq Leaf™, our latest innovation in shipment tracking.

Designed to resemble a label, the iTraq Leaf™ isn't just compact and sleek—it's the embodiment of simplicity and efficiency. Crafted as a single-use device, it blends effortlessly with your shipments, granting you unparalleled visibility into your cargo's whereabouts.

Discover iTraq Butterfly

While you wait for the revolution, explore the advanced global tracking solution that's loved and trusted globally.

Why iTraq Leaf™?

Truly Global

Track your shipments anywhere in the world. iTraq Leaf™ knows no borders.

30 Days of Service Included

Get started immediately with a complimentary 30 days of service, on us.

Instant Activation

Detach the perforated section, stick, and start tracking. No maintenance, no recharging.

Precise Tracking

Pinpoint accuracy for both outdoor and indoor shipments.

Durable Single-Use Battery

Designed to last the entirety of its journey, ensuring consistent monitoring from start to finish.

Tailored Tracking Experience

Set the tracking frequency to your bespoke needs, from real-time to occasional updates.

Ambient Temperature Monitoring

Stay informed about your shipment's conditions with real-time alerts.

Smart Motion Detection

Enhanced security with notifications for unexpected movements.

Air Travel Ready

Meets flight regulations, ensuring smooth and compliant air shipments.

Logistics Companies: 

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How to Use iTraq Leaf™

Attach & Activate

  • Preconfigure with adjusted reporting frequency and sensor alerts

  • Detach the perforated section to activate and begin tracking

  • Affix iTraq Leaf™ to any shipment

Control Alerts & Monitoring

  • Access real-time and historical data through our platform

  • Tailor alerts for motion or temperature variations

  • Inform clients with essential data

Insights at Your Fingertips

  • Access real-time tracking in your dashboard

  • Enable automatic alerts for shipment status

  • Send commands to iTraq Leaf™ as needed

Secure Your Shipments

  • Maintain constant oversight of your shipments

  • Receive notifications upon arrival/landing

  • Utilize iTraq Leaf™ to mitigate risks and ensure smooth transportation

Be the First to Experience Next-Gen Global Shipment Tracking

As we approach our expected release in Q4, we're opening up an exclusive interest list. Be among the first to be notified of its availability, and be a part of the future of worldwide shipment tracking.

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* Ships on Q4 2023. We are endeavoring to deliver the products as promptly as possible. The products and processes for manufacturing them are still under development, though, and numerous technical, financial, and practical obstacles may interfere with timely delivery to you. We disclaim any liability and will not be responsible for any delays in delivery regardless of cause; consequently, you acknowledge that delivery may be delayed and assume the risk of any such delay.

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