The Evolution of Shipment Tracking

Join the future of shipment tracking with iTraq Leaf™ – compact, sleek, and single-use for unparalleled visibility

Discover iTraq Butterfly

In an era where timely and efficient tracking has become paramount, iTraq presents a groundbreaking solution tailored for the modern world.

Your All-in-One Tracking Dashboard

Experience the convenience of integrated tracking with iTraq's TrackMe – just a click away. TrackMe consolidates critical data such as location, temperature, light, motion, flight detection, and battery life into a user-friendly dashboard. 

Choose TrackMe to directly access your data or leverage our API for seamless integration with your existing systems.

Logistics Companies: 

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Elevate your services with advanced tracking solutions. Strengthen customer relationships and gain a competitive edge today.

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Leverage iTraq's expertise in custom-engineered tracking solutions that elevate your business beyond standard offerings.


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