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iTraq Nano (Global) + 1-Month Reporting Plan

The iTraq Nano is an extremely powerful location device that delivers cutting-edge tracking technology covering the globe. It functions both outdoors and inside buildings, offering precise location information whenever and wherever needed. With iTraq Nano, you'll have peace of mind your loved ones and valuables are safe & secure.

Built To Locate What You Value

Dementia Wandering

With our GPS tracking device, loved ones who wander can be located safely.


Our alert features give you peace of mind when it comes to the location of loved ones.


Locate lost or stolen valuables like golf clubs, tool boxes, or camera gear.


Track vehicles, bikes and boats easily and report their location if stolen.

Luggage & Travel

Don't let lost luggage ruin your trip. Locate your bag anywhere in the world.


Dogs can be master escape artists. Track Fido's whereabouts with iTraq Nano.

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How It Works

1) Get Your iTraq Nano + Subscription Plan

iTraq's tiny yet powerful location device works globally using GPS, cellular, and WiFi technologies. Your iTraq Nano includes a complimentary one-month reporting subscription (up to 2,000 location reports).

2) Download & Activate 

the App

Download the free iTraq mobile app (available on iOS or Android) to start using and tracking your iTraq Nano. You'll first have to define your location reporting schedule - from every 10 minutes to once per day.

3) Track & Locate Your Valuables, Loved Ones

The iTraq Nano comes with a handy ring to attach to bags and belts, or simply place it within the valuable you'd like to track. Once it's attached, you can track your loved ones or valuables anywhere in the world.

Key Features

Global Coverage

iTraq Nano comes with global embedded SIM card that works in all countries where 2g/3G coverage exists

Extra-long battery life

Has extra-long battery life (up to 4 months) on a single charge

SOS button

Sends an alert to family members and friends notifying them of the location

Device Locator

Use an app to trigger iTraq Nano to beep if you misplace it

Improved Accuracy

Provides accurate reporting both indoors and outdoors

Free trial period

iTraq Nano comes with 2,000 location reports that have expiration time of one month

Motion Sensor

Can be triggered when motion is detected

Temperature Sensor

Reports ambient temperature and can be triggered when it reaches a specified threshold


Very small and lightweight

iTraq Reporting Plans & Accessories

iTraq Nano Silicone Case
$ 19.00

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