iTraq Leaf (Pre-Order)

iTraq Leaf (Pre-Order)
$ 40.00$ 35.00

iTraq Leaf™ is a streamlined, label-like tracking solution engineered for the modern needs of shipment tracking. This one-time-use solution is designed to be effortlessly attached to your shipments, ensuring you always have eyes on your valuable cargo, no matter where it goes. 

Being a single-use device, Leaf™ eliminates the need for recharging or maintenance. Simply detach the perforated section to activate, adhere the device to your shipment, and benefit from iTraq's superior tracking technology.

* Ships on Q1 2024. We are endeavoring to deliver the products as promptly as possible. The products and processes for manufacturing them are still under development, though, and numerous technical, financial, and practical obstacles may interfere with timely delivery to you. We disclaim any liability and will not be responsible for any delays in delivery regardless of cause; consequently, you acknowledge that delivery may be delayed and assume the risk of any such delay.

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