iTraq Butterfly Battery Case

iTraq Butterfly Battery Case

Ensure uninterrupted tracking and enhanced device longevity with our iTraq Butterfly Spare Battery Case. Designed for seamless compatibility with the iTraq Butterfly, this battery case is an essential accessory for keeping your devices operational in the field.

$ 12.00

Are you a business looking to purchase iTraq Butterfly devices in large quantities? Contact our sales team for special bulk purchase pricing and custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Why Choose iTraq Butterfly?

Airline Approved

Globally approved by over 50+ airlines for seamless, compliant tracking.

Global Coverage

Track your assets anywhere in the world with our comprehensive global network.

Customizable Alerts

Temperature, light, motion sensor capabilities, and landing detection.

User-friendly Platform

Easy set-up and tracking through the TrackMe portal.

Have You Heard About Our Upcoming Product?

Introducing the future of shipment tracking! Building on the success of the iTraq Butterfly, we're excited to announce the iTraq Leaf™, a label-like, single-use tracking solution that's set to redefine the world of shipment tracking.

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