Introducing the new iTraq Nano
Keep track of your loved ones and your valuables with iTraq Nano
  • Improved Accuracy
    Provides accurate reporting both indoors and outdoors
  • Motion Sensor
    Can be triggered when motion is detected
  • Temperature Sensor
    Reports ambient temperature and can be triggered when it reaches some threshold
Life with iTraq Nano
Use iTraq Nano to find everything you need to keep life moving
  • Reunite with your lost luggage during your trip, not after
  • Be alerted if your loved ones are outside the safe zone
  • If you don't know who is riding your bike, find where it is
iTraq reviews

    Think of all the things you could lose in life. Your luggage. Your wallet. Hey, even your kid! With the help of the upcoming device iTraq, you can keep track of your valuables straight from your smart phone...

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    iTraq is already seeing an interest from Alzheimer's caregivers, especially since it uses geo-fencing technology, which lets caregivers set a pre-defined area and receive an alert as soon as the device leaves it. What's more, the battery lasts a really long time ...

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    iTraq is the world's first global location device that can be found anywhere. iTraq determines its position and location using cellular towers allowing iTraq to be located anywhere in the world where cellular service exists ...

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Everyone wants peace of mind knowing that their loved ones and their belongings are safe

Everything that has value should be, and eventually will be, tracked at all times

Download iTraq3 User Guide Here


iTraq is the device with the longest battery life. With reports set for one a day it will work 4 months on a single charge. It uses two location technologies: GPS, which works outdoors, very accurate, but consumes the battery faster and Cell-ID, which is not accurate, but will work indoors and is easier on the battery.


iTraq operations are driven by the customer defined schedule. Using free iTraq mobile application (iOS or Android), customer can define the frequency of the location reports. These reports can range from every 5 minutes to once a day. The battery life depends on the frequency of the reports. More reports per day - shorter the battery life. Please note the between the reports iTraq is in the sleep state, preserving the battery.


Motion Detection.
iTraq uses accelerometer to detect different types of motion. Now you can trigger iTraq to report when motion or fall are detected.

Temperature Sensor.
Now you can see the ambient temperature and trigger iTraq to report when it reaches some threshold

Guard mode

In many cases it’s important not only to know where the iTraq is but to be alerted if it has been removed from the designated area (for example, a child left the house after hours). Define your Guard Zone by specifying the radius on the map and once the iTraq leaves it, you will receive an alert on the mobile phone. You can also be alerted when the device is back in the Guard Zone.


iTraq comes with 2000 location reports that have expiration time of one month. After that you can subscribe either to annual or monthly service plan. Each plan have unlimited number of reports.