Safeguard Your Loved Ones
from Wandering Risks

Meet iTraq Nano — The Small, Powerful Tracking Device


  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved one's location

  • Feel confident in loved ones' safety with multiple security alerts: temperature, motion, leaving defined area

  • Empower family members who become disoriented with SOS button

  • Stop worrying about loved ones wandering outside in winter or extreme heat

Built for Those Who Wander

The iTraq Nano is ideal for individuals with dementia, Alzheimer's, or other cognitive issues who are prone to wandering away from safe spaces. 

 The iTraq Nano easily attaches to keys or clothing — or tuck it in a pocket or purse.Sophisticated global tracking technology gives you peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe from the dangers of wandering.

Exceptional Safety Features

Guard Zone

Guard Mode sends an alert when your loved one has left a defined geographic area

SOS button

SOS button ideal for people in early stages of dementia who become confused or disoriented

Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor sends an alert when a temp threshold is reached to protect individuals if they wander outside in winter or extreme heat

Motion Sensor

Motion sensor can indicate when your loved one is on the move

Tracks indoors & outdoors

Tracks indoors and outdoors, unlike some trackers limited to outdoor use

Global Coverage

Global coverage for peace of mind wherever your family travels

Small, Convenient & Powerful

Small & Lightweight

Weighing only 1/09 oz, the iTraq Nano fits seamlessly into your loved one's everyday life. With a convenient stainless-steel ring, the device attaches to a zipper, belt loop, keys, or purse, or tucks discreetly and comfortably into a jacket, pants pocket or bag.

Powerful Tracking

iTraq Nano uses a sophisticated combination of GPS + Cellular + WiFi + Bluetooth location technologies to track and locate your loved one if they wander from a safe space.


iTraq Nano has a rechargeable battery and a wireless charger (included with device) for reliability and convenience. Depending on the reporting schedule you select, battery life ranges from 1 day to 4 months.

Easy-to-use iTraq Mobile Application

  • Track multiple devices from single app

  • Share device with other family members & caregivers

  • Find iTraq Nano if misplaced with the Device Locator Function

  • Toggle between device modes depending on requirements: Regular (best tracking) or    Battery-saving (less accurate) mode

  • Free trial period includes 2,000 location reports (expires in 1 month)

  • Cost effective monthly/annual subscriptions

How It Works

1) Get Your iTraq Nano + Subscription Plan

iTraq's location device works globally using GPS, cellular, and WiFi technology Your iTraq Nano includes a complimentary one-month reporting subscription (up to 2,000 location reports).

2) Download & Activate
the App

Download the free iTraq mobile app (available on iOS or Android) to start using and tracking your iTraq Nano. You'll first have to define your location reporting schedule - from every 10 minutes to once per day.

3) Track & Locate Your
Valuables, Loved Ones

The iTraq Nano comes with a handy ring to attach to your loved one’s belt, zipper or bag, or simply place it in their pocket or purse. Once attached, you can track your family member anywhere they may wander.

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