Welcome to the iTraq Leaf Start Guide

Congratulations on your new iTraq Leaf device! This guide will help you get started quickly and easily.


  • Type or scan the Tracking ID printed on the Leaf device into the 'Tracking ID' field on the portal, then click 'TRACK'.

  • Click 'SET PARAMETERS' to open the device settings page (you will need an access code provided by your distributor).

  • Set your desired reporting frequency and configure sensor alerts.

Activate Your Device

  • Locate the activation button on your iTraq Leaf.

  • Press and hold the button until the LED flashes blue, indicating successful activation.

Attach Your iTraq Leaf

Securely attach your iTraq Leaf to the item you wish to track.

Stay Informed & In Control

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Access our TrackMe platform to monitor your shipment live.

  • Custom Alerts: Receive alerts for movement, temperature, and light changes.

  • Arrival Alerts: Get notified when shipments arrive at their destination airport.

For further assistance, contact our Customer Service Team.

Enjoy your iTraq Leaf and the peace of mind it brings to your tracking needs!

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