Electrical Engineer

Full-time position (1 position available)

Location: Redmond, WA


  • Design and evaluate electrical systems, and electronic software and components for systems focusing in safety, quality, economy, and sustainability;
  • Design circuit boards including digital, analog and radio power optimization;
  • Uses engineering knowledge and methods to design, test and produce a wide variety of electrical control systems, machinery, and equipment;
  • Define and execute testing and maintenance procedures for electronic software, components and equipment;
  • Conduct system evaluations and make appropriate recommendations to modify designs or repair systems or equipment as needed;
  • Ensure compliance of electrical systems and electronic equipment with all applicable regulations and safety standards;
  • Analyze the needs of customers to determine system requirements, associated costs, capacity and an electrical system plan;
  • Identify opportunities and recommend solutions to improve system’s technical performance and develops electronic principles and technology in fields;
  • Work with project managers on production efforts to ensure that projects are completed satisfactorily, on time, and within budget;
  • Utilized knowledge of Antennas Calculation, RF Paths Simulation, and Soldering.


Required experience/education:

Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering/Electrical Engineering Technology and all related.

At least 12 months experience in Electronic Engineer/Design Engineer and all related.


To be determined at the job interview.

Please send you detailed resume and cover letter to

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