iTraq3 Device

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iTraq3 is an all-in-one, small tracking device that features global tracking coverage and up to 4 months battery life on one charge. It is an ideal solution to track kids or family members who suffers with Alzheimer, Dementia or other mental diseases. iTraq provides a turnkey tracking solution that comes ready to use out of the box with a global SIM card, Android, iOS and Web tracking app.

iTraq3 Features:

NEW! Improved Indoors Accuracy. iTraq uses additional method to detect the location that works very accurate, especially when you stay indoors.

NEW! Motion Detection. iTraq uses accelerometer to detect different types of motion. Now you can trigger iTraq to report when motion or fall are detected.

NEW! Temperature Sensor. Now you can see the ambient temperature and trigger iTraq to report when it reaches some threshold.

Long Battery Life. Up to 4 month on a single charge, depending on the reporting frequency.

Guard Mode. Receive alerts when iTraq enters or leaves the guarded area.

Global Coverage. Works in most countries over GSM network, now supports 3G networks.

Global SIM Card. Comes with ready to use global SIM card.

Custom Schedule. Set your own frequency of location reports in a range from every 5 minutes to once a day.

Location Sharing. Multiple users can track one device.

USB Charger. Now you can connect iTraq to your car USB and forget about charging it. USB cable is included.

Size: 99 x 56 x 8mm. Weight: 55g.


iTraq3 comes with 2000 location reports, that expires in 1 month from the date of activation. After that requires a subscription plan that can be bought online or from the iTraq App ($5.90/month or $59/year). There is a discount for multiply devices.