How can I pay for the iTraq Subscription?

There are two options to pay for your subscription: 

 - Buy subscription plan on website (annual subscription) 


 - Buy subscription plan in the iTraq Mobile App (annual/monthly subscription). 

To buy a subscription plan on the iTraq website:

1. Go to

2. Add to cart.

3. Proceed to checkout and complete the purchase.

Please note: your activation code and instructions will be emailed to you after the purchase is complete.

To buy subscription plan using the iTraq Mobile App:

1. Open iTraq Mobile App.

2. Tap "Refill".

3. Tap "annual" or "monthly" subscription.

4. If you have Android smartphone, complete the purchase. 

If you have an iPhone, tap "Buy with Apple Pay". 

For iPhone owners: You must set up Apple Pay in order to purchase a subscription. This is a requirement of Apple, Inc.

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